New Demo Reel

2016-01-16 17:04:47 by SurgicalSavage

Wow, it's been a while.
I've posted a brand new demo reel for 2016. yay voice acting

I voiced the main character, Keyon, in Jethro Jongeneel's HL2 mod! It's pretty good, so go check it out!

Lol 4 fans what is this

2013-08-10 21:22:32 by SurgicalSavage

So I guess I got fans from that one cartoon where I had one line and didn't really project well. Okay.
Anyway, if you 4 actually care, I now have a twitter. I'll be posting projects there (more than I will here) that I'm in and actually have more than one line on there! :D
They're done by really great people, and when those projects are released you should check them out!
So yeah, I guess that's it.

EDIT: Oh by the way, there's another video where I have only one line. I did it for a guy where I'm going to (eventually) voice in his machinima. It's pretty good with or without me, so go check it out!